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Healing Tea Bag


Herbal Tea:"Where Changing lives comes easy"we help you cope with your daily living,less pain,struggles,sickness,opsticles etc.You will feel amazing, large tea bag is mix with a herbal blend bark,peppermint bark,spearment,tumeric,ginger, etc. that relieves Depression,inflammation,any type of pain,sickness,disease,infections,confusion,memoryloss,lupus,sickercell,toothache,sore throat,mentrual cramps,thyroids,menopause,nausea & so much .it makes up to 128 ounces/gallon,drink at least 2 cups a day til gone,maybe one in the morning & one @ night unless your in lots of pain you can drink more,you can drink it hot or cold,it can be mixed with fruit or juice,your preference.No side effects.

Detox Tea bag


One large tea bag makes a gallon,128 ounces,drink at least 2 cups a day til all gone,you can add fruit or juice,your preference,it can be cold or hot,while detoxing it helps cleanser you,gives you a boost of energy to keep going,makes your process easy,its made with natrual herbs,spearment,turmeric,ginger etc.



Herbal soap made with herbs,natural plants to help with oily or dry skin,moisturizes your skin,relieves stress,helps with pain & depression etc.you will feel so much better after a long stressful day or maybe you just wanna relax with music.no side effects.



3 in 1 Shampoo,shampoo,conditioner & hot oil treatment all in one,moisturizes,strengthens your hair,helps it to grow faster,makes your scalp feels so good & your hair so soft,we uses natrual products aloe vera,herbs & plants,essential oils,vitamins etc.

Hair Cream


Hair cream is made to grease & moisturizes your scalp,it makes your hair soft as well,it feels good,helps grow your hair faster,strengthens it & helps with breakages.Its made with coconut oil,essential oils etc.

Body Cream


Body cream is made with butters,oils,herbs,vitamins etc.works well for dry skin,rashes,bruises & marks,eczema,arm pit etc.it comes in a 4 ounce jar.no side effects.

Lip Balm


Lip Balm is made for dry & chap lips,it moisturizes your lips also makes them soft,it really soothes them.Its made with butters,oils,vitamins etc.it comes in a 2-3 ounce jar/container.



Natrual Deodorant made for those who struggle with boils,infections,irritating skin,its made with all natrual products so it work irritate your skin,it helps gives you relief.no side effects.

Bath Salt


Mineral Bath salt that soothes you,makes you skin soft & feels relaxing,made with vitamins,essential oil flavors,feels good.

Miracle Cream


Body cream/ butter:Cbd products & natural herbs for pain,inflammation,sore,paches,marks,bruises,rashes,eczema,armpit,stretchmarks,wounds,relieves stress etc.you rub it on the area like a muscle rub,the better you rub it in the better it will feel,10-20 minutes later you will notice your pain eased away,Miracle cream is made with butters,oils,vitamins & herbal ,it has like a medicated smell to it,it comes in a 4 ounce jar,This cream is everything,you can use it all over your body.

Diabetes herbal tea


One Herbal Blend tea bag to help lower you blood sugar count,takes away headaches,less fluids running to the batheroom,help you with your appetite,gives you a boost of energy,relieves strees & cope with pain,you will feel so much better,after a few days you will feel the change,drink 2 glasses a day til gone,it make one gallon up to 128 ounces.No side ffects.

Bubble Bath


 1).Bubble bath:16 ounce bottle,comes in 3 flavors Honey melon,lavender & sweet honey.

Herbal mix blend,vitamins,oil,essential flavors etc.relieves stress,pain,depression,moisturizes yoyr skin,relaxes you,the best pedicure,you feel so good & dont rub down with the miracle cream afterwards OMG

Tea,bubbles,cream(WHAT A COMBINATION)

Cancer herbal tea bag


Cleansing herbal blend combined with peppermint bark,ginger,tumeric,ginger etc.natrual plants used in cental America for a speedy relief to detoxifying your system for Gastrointestinal cancer,stomach cancer,ulcers,malaria,gum disease,dispea,fever,strees,toothache,kidney issues,fever,colic etc.

It helps increase you dailey activities & body weight,reduces/minimize pain & inflammation,changes your colon musosa. & so much more"LIFE CHANGING"

Instructions:Drink two glasses a day,morning & night,cold or hot,you can add fruit or juice to help with flavor,must drink it all to get the full effect,it makes up to 128 ounces/gallon,you will began to feel a change in your life.

Depression/Anxiety tea bag


One large tea bag,made with herbal blend mixed with ginger,tumeric,peppermint bark,spearment etc to help cope with tgse symptoms:feeling down,tired,trouble sleeping or eat too much,low energy,loss,confusion,no concentration,suicidal thoughts,headaches,aggressive behavior,impulsivity,irritation,feeling bad or guilty etc.

This tea will relieves stress,pain,worries,eases your mind,helps you think & function correctly,help with the shakes/,you will feel brand new.