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Have you been searching for an excellent items store to help you feel good Look no further - God's Creation is the place for you. We are conveniently located in Baltimore and we are very passionate about offering our customers quality yet affordable designed to enhance your beauty regime. We believe everybody should have access to top-quality supplies,accessories and so many more products, so we continually strive to provide only the best products at reasonable prices. Contact us today through our booking form for more information.

Helpful Customer Service

At God's Creation we pride ourselves on having many satisfied customers who come back to us time and again. Our team is made up of experienced cosmetics specialists whose goal is to provide you with the best possible service. Are you unsure of what type of product would suit your skin type best? Thinking of trying some new healthy items? For tips and tricks as well as general help and advice, our helpful staff is always ready to come to the rescue,we uses natrual butters,essential oils,vitamins,herbs that causes NO SIDE EFFECTS,YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING!

A Wide Range of Products

At God's Creation, we offer a wide variety of cosmetics and beauty products, from ethically sourced beauty products to branded gift sets, all at prices to suit your budget. Why not take a look at our extensive range of skincare and hair products? Or check out our stock of makeup items from top quality brands! Whatever color it is you desire, we are sure we’ll have it for you in store - if not now then we’re happy to order it in time for your next visit. If you care for your appearance and love high-quality products, then do come along and pay us a visit.


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I was in pain for years nothing ever worked for me,i went threw so much missed out on my child life until i started Drinking the herbal tea,using the herbal soap for my skin/wounds,bubble bath & the …


Sometime i be tired working 7 days a week & its hard to get out the bed now i get right up with no problem it gives me a boost of energy & helps me mentally,Thanks.


I was dealing with pain & after drinking the herbs i realize i wasnt having anymore pain,i use the miracle cream for everything Thanks.


Range Of Products

Healing Tea Bag


Herbal Tea:"Where Changing lives comes easy"we help you cope with your daily living,less pain,struggles,sickness,opsticles etc.You will feel amazing, large tea bag is mix with a herbal blend bark,peppermint bark,spearment,tumeric,ginger, etc. that …

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Detox Tea bag


One large tea bag makes a gallon,128 ounces,drink at least 2 cups a day til all gone,you can add fruit or juice,your preference,it can be cold or hot,while detoxing it helps cleanser you,gives you a boost of energy to keep going,makes your process …

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Herbal soap made with herbs,natural plants to help with oily or dry skin,moisturizes your skin,relieves stress,helps with pain & depression etc.you will feel so much better after a long stressful day or maybe you just wanna relax with music.no side …

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3 in 1 Shampoo,shampoo,conditioner & hot oil treatment all in one,moisturizes,strengthens your hair,helps it to grow faster,makes your scalp feels so good & your hair so soft,we uses natrual products aloe vera,herbs & plants,essential oils,vitamins …

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Hair Cream


Hair cream is made to grease & moisturizes your scalp,it makes your hair soft as well,it feels good,helps grow your hair faster,strengthens it & helps with breakages.Its made with coconut oil,essential oils etc.

Body Cream


Body cream is made with butters,oils,herbs,vitamins etc.works well for dry skin,rashes,bruises & marks,eczema,arm pit etc.it comes in a 4 ounce jar.no side effects.

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